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May 15, 2011

Introduction Before a Game is Started

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You will always hear the Star Spangled Banner played before ANY sports game to symbolize our country

Derek Jeter Pregame and the Chicago Bulls Introduction

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Chicago Bulls introduction

The Chicago Bulls were the first team to implement the lights getting dimmed as each player was introduced before a game in 1997.  Other teams quickly followed

Playoff Beard Superstitions

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Football Tailgating

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Football and tailgating will be two things that always coincide with each other.  Before and after a game, fans BBQ on the grill, play catch in the parking lot, or just drink some beers with a couple of friends and other fans of the sport.

Hot Dog Vendor Doing His Thang

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Whats a sporting event, especially a baseball game without a vendor that sells popcorn, hot dogs, cracker jacks etc?! Impossible to never see one of these guys or girls at a sports event

Lebron James and Dwayne Wade Pre-game Routine

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Two of the best NBA players today, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade doing their pre-game routine before the game.Lebron throws chalk before each game and Dwayne Wade does a few pull ups on the basketball rim

Here’s a link from when Lebron was in Cleveland and Nike did a commercial based on the chalk throwing he does before a game

lebron james chalk

May 14, 2011

Drew Brees Pregame Chant

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May 2, 2011

Annotated Bibliography

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1)      Higgs, Robert. (1995). God in the Stadium: Sports and Religion in America. KY: The University of Kentucky.

The author gives an in depth view of the history of religion in the sports world particularly in the south. The author also makes references to college sports and sports dating back to the Crusades. It didn’t particularly work well with helping me get information.

2)      Baker, William. (2007). Playing with God:  Religion and Modern Sport. Cambridge Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.

In this book, the author states ways that religion and sports coincide with each other. He focuses on American sports and how it related to modern religion in previous times. He gives examples how Greek Sports transferred to America, as well as, giving examples with sports we have here like lacrosse, soccer and hockey.

3)      Forney, Craig. (2010).The Holy Trinity of American Sports: Civil Religion in Football, Baseball, and Basketball. Macon, GA: The Mercer University Press.

The author gives an in depth view of how religion is portrayed in the three sports listed in the title.  He cites specific examples from Lebron James’ rituals to other sports players in the three sports as well who have specific rituals and practices they do before a game. He also shows how nature and team names play a part with religion.  The author also gives examples of how the individual (either a fan or sports athlete) works with society and attend games or have specific practice habits that they follow.

4)      Price, Joseph. (2001). From Season to Season: Sports as American Religion. Macon Georgia: The Mercer University Press.

This is another example of how religion plays a role in sports.  Author gives personal examples from game winning shots to game winning plays from the Stanley Cup in hockey and from the world cup in soccer. Unlike other sources, he focuses on the American view of sports with sports that aren’t as popular in this country as they are elsewhere, such as Canada for hockey, and Spain or Italy for soccer.

5)      Ladd, Tony & Mathisen, James. (1999). Muscular Christianity: Evangelical Protestants and the Development of American Sport. Ada, MI: Baker Books.

In this example, they discuss the relationship with Evangelical Protestant and sports.  It gives examples of Evangelical Protestants who are athletes today, since many athletes are catholic or Jewish.

6)      Obare, Ruphine. “Can Sports Exist Without Religion?” Sheffield University, UK

In this piece of writing, Obare looks to see if sports and religion can exist without one another. The end result it seems is no, as both play an integral role in the activities according to him. Uses example of rituals and how athletes use them today. Also talks about rules in sports and how in religion we have to follow a set of rules as well

7)      Wise, Phillip. “When Sports and Religion Mix.” Center for Christian Center at Baylor University.

In this educational document, Wise talks about how sports and religion do intertwine with each other. He gives examples in the story of why he feels this, using baseball as a primary example.

8)      Fishbain, Kevin “Holy Conflict: When Sports and Religion Collide”

In this article, Fishbain gives a couple of examples of how religion and sports intertwined with each other. An example he gave was how Sandy Koufax didn’t pitch game 1 of the World Series when the Dodgers played because he was observing the holiday of Yom Kippur.

9)      Levin-Epstein, Zachary “Praying Sports and Religion Stay Separate”

In this internet article, the author talks about why religion and sports shouldn’t coexist with each other. He gives examples of how stadiums are having events for fans that are Jewish and Catholic and giving them merchandise, which he’s against.

10)   Chalom, Adam “Is Lebron James Messiah in Religion of Sports?”

In this short internet page, the author talks about the “fever pitch” James brings to the sport of basketball and to Cleveland. He suggests that the nickname “King James” sounds like it was taken as an example from the Bible.

February 23, 2011

Surveillance Camera

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An actual surveillance camera, an example Malory Nye uses in Religion The Basics.  Security Camera

Jersey Shore

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Jersey Shore Surveillance

This clip from Jersey Shore is an example of Michel Foucault’s concept of having a camera watching others, on a reality TV show.

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